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Workshops for clinical faculty to help them become more effective providers of careers support to their students/trainees

Training Faculty in the provision of effective careers support

The majority of trainees look to their Educational and Clinical Supervisors,  (or sometimes to their  Training Programme Directors), for careers support.  Often clinical faculty feel somewhat daunted by this task, worried about giving poor advice or pointing somebody in the wrong career direction. This is particularly the case with foundation trainees as the consultants or GPs supervising them may be asked questions about specialties that they know little about.

This practical half day workshop aims to demystify the task of providing careers support by outlining a tried and tested structured approach.   The importance of ensuring that trainees are basing any career decisions on adequate self-assessment is highlighted and appropriate self-assessment resources are identified and sampled. The workshop also includes a practical skills element as well as signposting participants towards a range of different online medical careers resources. Finally, participants will be helped to identify key warning signs suggesting that a particular trainee may need specialist support, above and beyond what a given faculty member feels able to provide.


“I can not thank you enough for all your support and advice during what has been a very difficult time for me - I am truly grateful...”



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