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We help doctors and dentists at all stages of their careers

Clinicians consult a careers coach when they have a career dilemma. This usually means that they want help with one or more of the following tasks:

Becoming clearer about their abilities, skills, interests, values and personal stressors. (In other words, providing answers to the question ‘Who Am I?’).

Identifying possible career options that might suit their particular combination of abilities, skills, interests, etc. These options might be within their current clinical field, or they might be beyond it – depending upon the answers to the ‘Who Am I’ question

Researching the feasibility of different career pathways that interest them

Equipping themselves with the tools (CVs, application forms, covering letters, presentation skills, interview skills) that can help them realise their particular career goals.

Who can we help?

We have experience of working with doctors and dentists at all stages of their careers including:

  • Students who are not enjoying their courses and want to decide whether to continue with their clinical training
  • Trainees who have recently graduated and want to identify longer term career goals (within or beyond clinical practice)
  • Trainees  or fully qualified clinicians who are considering working part-time (for health or family reasons), or pursuing an academic pathway
  • Trainees or fully qualified clinicians who are returning to work after a significant career break
  • Trainees who are about to complete their training and want to strengthen their forthcoming job applications
  • Mid-career clinicians who are feeling burnt-out and want to understand the reasons for their dissatisfaction and identify workable solutions
  • Clinicians who are approaching retirement and need to consider what they will enjoy doing in the next stage of their life


“I can not thank you enough for all your support and advice during what has been a very difficult time for me - I am truly grateful...”



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